Our high-quality Moucharabia, Fascia, and Shades claddings are a stunning addition
to any commercial or residential building.

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GRP Moucharabia, Fascia or Shades Cladding  
Welcome to Merac, the premier manufacturer of GRP Claddings in Qatar. Our high-quality Moucharabia, Fascia, and Shades claddings are a stunning addition to any commercial or residential building.

1. Usage:
With their unique design, they not only provide a touch of elegance but also effectively cover any unwanted features like drainage pipes, AC ducts, and rainwater pipes.
What sets us apart from the competition is the superior quality of our GRP Claddings.

2. Benefits:
Our lightweight claddings are far superior to GRC or any other steel/ACP claddings because they do not require any  additional strengthening to the existing building and are incredibly easy to install compared to GRC cladding. They do not crack like GRC cladding, nor do they rust or change color like metal claddings. 

3. Why GRP Claddings?
At Merac, we can provide any shape you desire with our GRP cladding, ensuring you get exactly the look you want.Our GRP Claddings are incredibly strong and durable with excellent weather resistance properties, making them long-lasting
compared to other cladding materials.
They also offer excellent UV resistance, which means they won't fade or discolor over time. You'll be pleased to know that no paints are used in our GRP Claddings. The gelcoat itself is made of GRP, ensuring it will not peel off or fade.
Maintenance-free and cost-effective, our GRP Claddings are a headache-free solution to installation.
Our claddings require little polishing to bring them back to their initial stage, ensuring they remain looking as good as new for years to come. Choose Merac for all your GRP Cladding needs, and let us transform the look of your building with our superior quality claddings.

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